Young Filipina Girl With Blue Eyes? You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

There’s something unusual with this 8-year old girl who hails from the mountains of Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat.

Coming from the great tribe of Teduray (Tirurai), this grade 3 student is one of the new wonders of the Philippines.

Jopai, the little girl with blue eyes, doesn’t have any foreign blood in her, which is extremely rare for Filipinos.

According to her mom, Jopai has no foreign blood but “pinaglihi sa Barbie doll” when she was pregnant. Unfortunately, she is completely deaf.


People first took notice of her after Facebook user Ian Garcia posted a picture of her when he met her at the Tau SOX Festival of the First Peoples event in Koronadal City.

The post was loved by many people who grew fond of the beautiful child from looking at just one picture. Many netizens tried to explain the combination of blue eyes and deafness, but to no avail.
The post has gotten over 5,000 likes and 500 shares on Facebook.

Last 2013, a program on the GMA Network also featured a little girl from Mindoro Occidental who had the same eyes as Jopai, but was not deaf.

Young Filipina Girl With Blue Eyes? You Won't Believe Your Eyes!