Woman Posted A Warning To The Public About The Dangers Of Having Ovarian Cysts! Must Read!

Ovarian cysts is said to be one of the most common types of conditions found in the reproductive system of a woman. It can lead to ovarian cancer if not detected early and lead to fatality.

It is said to be the fourth most common type of cancer that leads to fatality.

A woman named Rachel Alcantara Lacia posted a warning to all the women out there. She narrated her experiences when her ovarian cysts were taken out.

After suffering from severe pain in the lower abdomen and vomiting, she went to the doctor.


The doctors told her that this is not UTI. Upon having several tests, the results show that there is a 5.9cm cyst and it needs to be removed in an operation.

She warned the women out there that Ovarian Cancer is a silent killer, so be cautious about your health.