Why We Need To Remove Pubic Hair and 4 Easy Ways to Do It. READ HERE!

For women, waxing the bikini area requires intensive maintenance. While it may seem like unecessary, some studies show that pubic hair retains bacteria that can lead to more serious complications, thus, is really needed to be regularly removed.

Though most women nowadays opt for waxing salons to have their pubic hair removed, there are still ways you can do on your own. Here are the 4 easiest ways:

Though this method is used for facial hair removal, tweezing can also be used for removing pubic hair. However, this would take much longer time.

2) Waxing Strips
You actually don’t need waxing salons to do this. Just buy waxing strips from stores and you’re ready to do it on your own.


3) Bestie Razor
This is the cheapest of them all. It requires minimal effort and time as well. Just make sure to do it in the shower to hydrate the skin while shaving.

4) Powdered Shaver
These are tweezers which are battery operated. This is painless and is also easy to use.