What The Americans Think About The Philippines Was Revealed In This Video! MUST WATCH!

It’s a weird concoction of comedy and love for the Philippines that brought them together.
The boys of the “Hey Joe Show”, a YouTube channel of Americans speaking in Bisaya, has indeed come a long way from where they first began.
The idea started when they were together for a Mormon mission and asked among the five of them if people would watch Americans speaking in Bisaya. The rest was history.

A few months ago, the boys decided to release a video that appreciates the love their getting from their fans from all over the world.

What they did touched the hearts of many Filipino fans. The video, title “What Americans Think About The Philippines” was released on Facebook and has accumulated a whopping 1.7 million views.

The video asked a few Americans about what they love about the Philippines and the answers were things many Filipinos would agree.

Most of them answered that the food and the rice was a huge influence on their dietary lifestyle, while some also brought up the mode of transportation in the country and how there is always a spot for one more.


What is also unique to the Philippines is the way people communicate using their facial expressions and not speaking at all, and people would totally understand what the other means.

Filipinos netizens were taken aback and showed their support for the group by taking it to the comments and like section.