‘We should have our own Alcatraz’; Duterte Plans to Have a Maximum Security Island Prison.

If not death penalty, President Duterte remains merciless on drug lords and plans to create a version of Alcatraz Prison here in the country. Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II said that they are eyeing to transfer of the top drug lords namely Herbert Colangco and Peter Co who are currently at the New Bilibid Prison to an island prison with no cellular phone signal and isolated.

Quoting from his statement by Aguirre in a Press Briefing at Malacanang, he said “In the long run, we are also contemplating of even transferring them to Caballo island or to an island in Palawan.”

Colangco and Co have been found to be living a luxurious life at NBP with condo-style kubols, firearms, packets of Shabu, and almost 2 million peso cash. They were caught last 2014 during a surprise raid led by former Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima.


It can be recalled that Duterte has earlier expressed his plans of building an Alcatraz alike prison to top criminals. He got this idea from the Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary located on Alcatraz Island of the San Francisco coast in California, USA. It was ran on a maximum high-security for the most convicted criminals. It was known o be the world’s notorious prisons. It lasted from 1934-1963. Quoting from a statement of Duterte on this, he said: “We should have our own Alcatraz where prison rules and regulations are applied to the fullest so that criminals will understand that in the Philippines crime does not pay.”

The islands which are being considered are Caballo Island off Manila Bay and one of the unnamed islands in Palawan. Caballo is located beside Corregidor is currently houses the Philippine Navy. It once served as a quarantine facility for Filipino Peacekeepers from Liberia which had been hit by Ebola back in 2014. Aguirre sees this solution to totally stop them from transactions.

Meanwhile, the President named another notorious drug lord named Peter Lim who is now outside he country. He is allegedly responsible for the illegal drug trades in Visayas.