VIRAL: 4-Year-Old Cries In Pain After Using A Fast Food Chain Bathroom. What They Found Inside Is Unbelievable!

In a local Fast Food Chain in the United Kingdom on New Year’s Eve, Nicole and her 4-year-old daughter Kaya were out spending a glorious day that quickly turned into an unprecedented horrid nightmare for the both of them!

Little Kaya wanted to be independent like a ‘big girl’. So when she had the opportunity, she asked her mother if she could go to the bathroom on her own and undoubtedly Nicole agreed.

Before Kaya’s turn in the bathroom, Nicole noticed two snickering teenagers leaving. However, she did not pay much attention to it.

Moments later, to her utter shock, Kaya’s screams echoed around the bathroom.


Apparently, Kaya was a victim of a cruel and senseless prank by the two teenagers who poured super glue on the children’s toilet seat. The mindless prank tore off Kaya’s skin on the back of her legs.

With great pain, frustration and anger, Nicole wasn’t able to stop herself from posting the story online in the hopes of getting it off her chest and seek retribution. The post went viral very quickly.