Top 10 Wealthiest Celebrities In The Philippines! I Can’t Believe At Number 10!

The showbiz industry in the Philippines is one of the most patronized by the mass audience. However, do you know how your continuous watching of television to see your favorite artists on screen make millionaires? As of 2016, here is a list of the wealthiest celebrities in the country according to their net worth’s.

#10 Vice Ganda (Net Worth: Philippine Peso 75 Million)

Vice Ganda whose real name is Jose Marie Viceral, is a comedian, actor, singer and host. He was made known by being one of the few openly gay celebrity in showbiz.

His career boomed since 2009 when he started to lead in top-grossing films like Praybeyt Benjamin, This Guy’s Inlove With U Mare!, Beauty and the Bestie, Sisterakas, Girl Boy Bakla Tomboy,
and many more.

Currently, he is one of the main hosts of the daily noon time show of ABSCBN, It’s Showtime! and also hosts his own Sunday talk show Gandang Gabi Vice.

#9 Bong Revilla (Net Worth: Philippine Peso 100 Million)

Both an actor and a politician, Jose Marie Mortel Bautista later changed his name legally to Bong Revilla as we all know him.

Bong has been in the showbiz industry since the 1980’s alongside with his father in action movies. He starred in various films like Ang Panday, Isang Bala Isang Buhay, Captain Barbell 2, and many more.

He became Senator of the Philippines in 2001.

In 2015, his involvement with the Pork Barrel Scam took him to jail along with 2 other senators.

#8 Lucy Torres (Net Worth: Philippine Peso 100 Million)

Lucy Marie Torres-Gomez has been in the industry as an actress and a model. She is married to fellow actor Richard Gomez who she shared a sitcom with before called Richard Loves Lucy.

Through the years, Lucy was seen on screen with her shows like Shall We Dance?, All About You, and The Sweet Life. At the same time, she has been modelling with famous brands Bench and Kashieca.

Today, the actress had took a different path, which is politics, together with her husband as congresswoman of Ormoc.

#7 Kris Aquino (Net Worth: Philippine Peso 120 Million)

Kris Bernadette Aquino, daughter of former presidents of the Philippines Ninoy and Cory Aquino, is one of the most popular figures in showbiz. She is dubbed as the “Queen of All Media” because of her acting and hosting skills in various shows and movies she belonged in. A few were, The Buzz, Segunda Mano, GAME KNB, Feng Shui, and the recently ended Kris TV.

#6 Vic Sotto (Net Worth: Philippine Peso 150 Million)

Marvic Sotto is a famous comedian, actor and host. He is loved by the Filipino viewers because of his sense of humor and acting skills. He started as a member of the comedy trio with Tito Sotto and Joey De Leon as “Tito, Vic and Joey (TVJ). The three emerged ever since.

Today, Vic is one of the pioneer hosts of the popular noon-time TV show of GMA, Eat Bulaga! running for several decades now.

#5 Ricky Reyes (Net Worth: Philippine Peso 200 Million)


“Mother Ricky” as we all know him, is Ricardo Enriquez Reyes in real life. He started his career as early as 16 years old sweeping floors and cleaning up for people. He is a perfect example of someone who started from the bottom and went uphill.

He started a beauty parlor business and then in years expanded its franchise all over the country. To this day, “Mother Ricky” owns more than 40 branches of his beauty parlor.

From what his success, Ricky never forgot where he came from and got into philantropy and soon recognized as one of the Forbes’ 48 Greatest Heroes of Philanthropy in the Asia-Pacific region with his “Isang Gunting, Isang Suklay” program that offered salon-styled haircuts for either low or no cost to the consumers.

Ricky also began the Ricky Reyes Institute which gives free education in a variety of subjects, mainly cosmetology.

#4 Vilma Santos (Net Worth: Philippine Peso 500 Million)

Vilma Santos, commonly known as Ate Vi, is ALL that: actress, dancer, singer, and politician. Her career blossomed from the start when she was still 13 years old in the film of Trudis Liit where she ended up bagging the FAMAS Award for Best Child Performer. Ate Vi starred in numerous award-winning films throughout the years. Some of her famous films were: Dekada ’70, In My Life, Palimos ng Pagibig, and the most recent 2016 movie Everything About Her with Angel Locsin and Xian Lim.

To this day since 2007, she is Mayor of Batangas, wherein she resides.

#3 Willie Revilliame (Net Worth: Philippine Peso 600 Million)

Wilfredo Buendia is the real name of Willie Revilliame. He is famous actor and host for a long time. Willie has been the center of many controversies. His career started in the early 80’s like Vic Sotto. Willie would begin to appear in movies, appearing in films alongside some pretty big name action stars of the time, often times as the sidekick character. Some of those movies include: Hector, Ikaw Pa Eh Love Kita!, Go Johnny Go and Abrakadabra.

In 1998. Willie pretty much died down from the scene. However, from time to time he hosted shows named after him like Wowowin, Wowowillie, and Willingly Yours.

Today, Willie is the host of GMA Show, Wowowin.

#2 Sharon Cuneta (Net Worth: Philippine Peso 1 Billion)

Sharon Gamboa Cuneta-Pangilinan is deemed as richest woman in Philippine history. She started as singer and was soon offered by music producers to record albums. Her hit song Mr. DJ is what made her recognized in the industry. Although she was only twelve years old at the time, the song still became an instant success and landed her a spot in a television show called C.U.T.E. (Call Us Two for Entertainment).

Her singing and acting career ascended through time. To date, she already starred in over 50 movies, recorded 40 albums and has been the host of 10 television shows, many of which have went on for years at a time. Her main television network and source of income was ABS-CBN which she called “home” network for more than twenty years.

Sharon was a coach of the recent The Voice Kids Season 3 in ABSCBN.

#1 Manny Pacquiao (Net Worth: Philippine Peso 9 Billion)

The number one spot belongs to none other than Manny Pacquiao, also known as Pac Man. He is one of the world’s most renowned boxers that’s why there is no surprise to know he is the richest celebrity in the country.

The list of Manny’s accomplishments is just astounding. Throughout his career as a boxer he has won dozens upon dozens of matches.

Now, Manny is concentrated with his political career. He was elected to the House of Representatives in 2007 and just recently he announced his candidacy for Senator. Despite his recent offensive remarks against the LGBT community, Manny is lead polls and won after all.