This Woman Became an Instant Millionaire Because of the Bank’s Mistake.

It’s everybody’s dream to wake up one day, find millions in your bank account and voila, instant millionaire. But this 21-year old have lived the dream of everyone when she waked up one day and find $4.6 million on her savings account!

Christine Jiaxin Lee has been taking living her normal life, with the same routines but a day changed it all when she had the biggest surprise in her life– there was a $4.6 million peaceful inside her saving account. Christine, a Malaysian, was studying at Sydney at that time.

But instead of scrutinizing the shocking incident, she decided to live her dreams and started to binge spend the money. She immediately transferred into a luxurious penthouse apartment, popular for its high-end facilities and rich occupants, which costs $3,000 a month.


Of course she also pampered a lot and have been going to and fro the top salons, having her hair treatments. She literally lived the ‘shop ’til you drop’ and purchased high-end bags, expensive diamond jewelries, top gadgets, shoes, and a room full of clothes. One visit to a Christian Dior boutique costs her $220,000. In the span of 11 months, she had spent $2.4 million in total on the luxury stuff alone.

But after these months of luxurious living, the authorities have found the anomaly and caught her. She tried escaping and planned to fly back to Malaysia, but she got arrested in the airport in Sydney.

When asked about the incident, she said she mistakenly thought it was her parents who sent her the money. Despite the loads of cash she spent, charges were dropped against her as the police claimed that it was the bank who is at fault.