This Street Performer Was Ignored By Many People. But Then These 4 Adorable Kittens Became His Audience And Kept Him Company!

Being a performer on the streets is not easy. There are moments when they keep on performing at their best but people just keeps on ignoring them.

Most of them are performing on the streets in exchange of money. They are like buskers. There are times that others are willing to give money as an appreciation of their talent. However, this tradition was already outdated in many countries.

In Malaysia, busking is not against their laws that is why Jass Pangkor, a talented musician wants to share his talent to others by performing on the streets. Sometimes, there are no people watching him perform.

In one particular day, only a few people were here to watch his performance. Many just passed by ignoring him. But there is one instance where 4 kittens about three months old were there to hear him singing. Out of their curiosity, the kittens went closer and listened to Pangkor’s performance.

The kitten audience drew many people to the area. The people were amazed by how the kittens watched him closely as if they are real humans.

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