This Newest TRUE-TO-LIFE Commercial Of A Fast Food Restaurant Will Make You Realize The Worth Of Your Grand Parents!

The newest commercial of the well-known fast food chain in the country has been making the rounds on social media sites. It is a story that is based on true to life story of a woman who works as a cashier.

Everyday, during the shift of this young woman, an old lady comes and points out the wrong things that the cashier does in her work.

The first time that the old lady came to the restaurant and ordered her meal, she said: “Tapos yung nameplate mo tabingi. Kulang yung ngit mo, dagdagan mo. Kailangan pati yung mata mo, nakasmile!”

This is something that a customer should not tell the cashier but she wanted to.

Then the next day, the old woman said that the pronunciation of the word ‘Mango’ is wrong as well.


It has been the habit of the old woman to come to the branch of the store and carefully look at the actions of the cashier. Until one day, she didn’t a single word and just gave a thumbs up.

The cashier was delighted with the reaction of the customer. A sense of satisfaction can be seen in her eyes.

Towards the end of the video, a huge revelation was seen. The old woman appears to be her grandmother. These actions were done to make sure that her granddaughter will be doing a good job on her work to be promoted as a manager soon.