This Man Was Caught In The Act Of Shooting This Couple To Death! People Cry For Justice!

A man who shot a couple in front of the barangay Minuyan in San Jose Del Monte Bulacan is now wanted, for the family and friends of the couple are seeking justice.

The victims who were identified as Dave ABello and Angel were shot to death in front of the barangay right after their hearing.

The Facebook user named Kotaro Minami claims that Dave and Angel filed charges against a man named Allan Cantreras Avilla because of the threats that they’re receiving from him.

And in this video, both sides were spotted exiting the barangay after both of them attended a hearing, but a few moments later, Allan pulls out a gun ad shot both Dave and Angel.


The worst part is that the woman that he killed is already pregnant.

People are now sharing this to warn everyone and to help them seek justice!