This Man Submerged A Praying Mantis Underwater For A Few Seconds, Suddenly, What Happened Next Was A Nightmare To All!

There is something about insects that really disgusts mankind. There are different species of insects that are really scary to see.

One of these insects is the praying mantis. The word matis came from the Greek word ‘Mantikos’ for the soothsayer or the prophet. The praying mantis looks spiritual because their legs that are clasped together like they are praying.

Most of the species of mantis lives in the tropics. These insects are fascinating because they can turn their heads 180 degrees. They are most likely to be related to termites and cockroaches.

After their intercourse, the female mantis sometimes eats their mates.


A disgusting footage of a mantis was shown on YouTube. On the said video, the man submerged the mantis on water and shockingly, many giant hair worms came out of the mantis.

The worms are so long that you wouldn’t even think that it can fit inside the body of a mantis.

Who would have thought that the insects could be more terrifying because of what it has inside their bodies.