This Is What Happens In your Body If You Eat Monggo Everyday!

Monggo seed is known in the Filipino family for so many decades as it is one of the cheapest food that a Filipino mother can offer in the dining table every Friday. However, few facts are known about monggo seeds and its health benefits. Aside from being an excellent source of nutrients and vitamins, monggo seeds are also excellent in lowering inflammation and preventing chronic disease as clinical researches continuous to claim that plant-derived foods have numerous health benefits.

During the ancient times, monggo seeds or “mung seeds” are known as “one of the most cherished foods” because of its medicinal properties and its ability to improve human’s health conditions. Below are the list of the things you may not know about mung beans.

1.) They are excellent source of carbohydrates and protein as they contain an excess of 45% of carbohydrates and 21% of protein.

2.) Mung beans contain excellent amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin B but lacks Vitamin C. However, this lack can be supplemented by the sprouts of mung beans as they are excellent source of Vitamin C.

3.) The decoration produced by the beans is excellent in relieving soreness and inflammation.

4.) The roots of the beans are good in treating aching of the bone.

5.) The seeds have various uses in India which includes treatment of paralysis, rheumatism and problems with the nervous system.


6.) Monggo seeds are good in treating fever and cough and generally helps in the aid of liver problems.

7.) Monggo’s poultice is useful in checking milk secretion and in reducing the swelling of mammary glands.

8.) Rubbing powdered monggo beans help in the treatment of tumors.

9.) Monggo seeds also help in the treatment of anorexia which is an eating disorder.

10.) Monggo seeds also help in regulating urine.

11.) The plant also helps in preventing scurvy which is a result of vitamin C deficiency.
These are just few of the reasons why monggo should always be available in the homes of every Filipino.