This Is How People Lose Valuable Items Magically From The Baggages In NAIA!

The Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) is notorious for consistently mishandling the baggage items of its passengers. It has become such a common occurrence, which is why passengers are requested to transfer valuable items from their luggage to their hand-carry bags. But have you ever wondered what exactly is going on inside? An airline security expert spoke up regarding this perennial hocus pocus, and even revealed that it involves numerous airport personnel.

According to the source who refused be identified, it’s the baggage loaders who steal valuable items from check-in luggage in NAIA. They work for different airlines which make them more difficult to catch and apprehend. These baggage handlers open the luggage through inserting pointed objects in between baggage zippers. After the bag is opened, it basically becomes a treasure chest of goodies.

“They can also make it appear that the bag’s zipper was damaged so they’d have a reason to set it aside, most likely for later pilferage,” says the source.

But what makes it more alarming is that these baggage handlers surprisingly know which luggage contains valuable items.


“They can identify baggage with valuables as it comes down the plane and pilfer while it descends,” the source said.

Recently, the airline safety and security from Aviation Operations and Management Specialists Inc. (Avomsi) has taken necessary actions to put a stop on this.