This Girl Was Just Sleeping But She Didn’t Expect This To Wake Her Up! Watch What Happens Next!

Derek Deso’s girlfriend was the victim of an unforgettable prank.

Deso dumped two full-grown pythons on his sleeping girlfriend.

He then woke her up and shouted, “Baby, don’t move- there’s two ginormous snakes on your butt!”
Deso contracted 2 cameramen and a snake handler to help with the prank. When the girlfriend cried in fear of the huge serpents, they just laughed and Deso said, “He’s angry! He’s going up your butt!”
Eventually, the snake handler safely separated the snakes from the fearful woman.

She shouted “That’s not funny!” angry and frightened by the malicious prank her boyfriend pulled on her. She couldn’t stop crying even after being separated from the snakes.


Luckily, the woman was in no immediate danger, as pythons are non-venomous.

The video received mixed reactions from the viewers. For some, it was hilarious, but others found it rude and cruel.