This Family Is Screaming At A Ghost Haunting Their House, But How The Ghost Responded To Them Will Give You Nightmares!

“Mommy, why is the kitchen drawer in the dark opening on it’s own?”

That’s probably what the kid in the video was thinking when he and his family were shocked to see their furniture moving on its own.

In a video that has gone viral already, a Filipino family was seen and heard screaming and panicking as the drawer in their kitches opens on its own without anyone touching it.

At first, when some members of the family came to the drawer, the drawer opened on its own. One girl actually came calmly to the drawer to inspect it.

But when everyone left the drawer’s vicinity, the drawer opened and closed repeatedly and more forcefully!


Is the house haunted? Is the kitchen drawer the ghost’s tool of communicating to the family living in the house? We’ll never know. Some netizens are questioning its authenticity while some believed the family is sinful since in the Catholic sense, evil only communicates to people full of sin.

The video has already accumulated more than 14 thousand shares.

Watch the video here: