This Couple Already Has 13 Sons And Won’t Stop Until They Get A Daughter! Must Read!

A 40-year-old farmer, Irineu Cruz and Jucicleid Silva are a peculiar couple living in Brazil. Wanting to have a daughter, they kept on making it however, for 20 years, they only had sons. They now have 13 sons from one month to 18 years old.

The couple decided that if they have a baby girl, Jucicleid would name the baby, but if the baby is a boy, Irineu will name the baby. Irineu must have been enjoying naming his sons without hearing from his wife.

“I’ve always admired players like Rivaldo and Ronaldinho, all the best footballers seemed to have a name beginning with R, so I decided to name my sons after them,” Irineu said.

Here are the list of the names of their sons with their age:
Robson – 18
Reinan – 17
Rauan – 15
Rubens – 14
Rivaldo – 13
Ruan – 12
Ramon – 10
Rincon – 9
Riquelme – 7
Ramires – 5
Rilson – 3
Rafael – 2
Ronaldo – one month old


However, Jucicleid still has hope that she would have a daughter and they will keep on trying to have one.