This American Creates Videos Supporting President Rodrigo Duterte and Went Extremely Viral. CHECK IT HERE!

Recently, an anti-Duterte protest held in New York City joined by many foreigners went extremely viral. This angered many netizens especially the Duterte supporters. But this American has been making rounds in the social media after using his own website in promoting Duterte among th Americans and the non-Duterte supporters.

Identified as John, he also posted videos on Facebook and Youtube defending the President from what he calls as ‘critics, oligarchs, and biased media.’ According to some of his videos, he had been supporting the President from since he was still Mayor of Davao city. He considers Davao as one of the safest cities in the world as well as he strongly desires to be stay there when he retires. He also said that it is a place Americans should go if they wish to have a peaceful life and invest their retirement money.

One of his videos entitled: “Nosebleed story! DU30 ALWAYS AND FOREVER” has been getting high attention from the netizens and garnered 200,000 views and 4,000 shares.

In here, he tackled various issues concerning the rising oppositions such as human rights aspects of Duterte’s campaign against drugs.

Watch his video below:

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