They Thought That It Was Just An Ordinary Wedding, They Were Surprised When The Priest Did THIS!

Wedding ceremony is indeed one of the most important event, not just in the couple’s lives but also in the lives of everyone who’ll be witnessing such event.

Now, in an event back in 2014, the priest in the wedding did something that truly left the witnesses and even the couple in shock.

The guests of the wedding of Leah and Chris O’Kane got confused when the priest, Father Ray Kelly only spoke a few words in the ceremony.

They got even more confused when four women provided a musical interlude for the priest. But then, they were left in total shock when the priest suddenly took the microphone then started singing for everyone inside the church.

A lot of people experienced having goosebumps for what just happened in the wedding ceremony.

After this incident was filmed and was posted on YouTube, it’s then being spread on various sites online.