These Two Cars Refused to Give Way to Each Other in Toll Gate Entrance and This is What Happened!

Nowadays, road rage has become a usual day-to-day incident. Drivers tend to have shorter patience that might be attributed to the worsening traffic in the metro. It has caused many lives as well but motorists seem to be indifferent with all the lessons on these accidents.

For one, here is a video which has been taking the internet by storm. In the video, a car and an old-fashioned ‘pajero’ were lining up in the toll gate. However, they refused to give way for each other. They side swept each other numerous times until they finally hit each other at the opening of the gate. The video was posted by a netizen who was also lining up in toll gate and had been delayed because of the two motorists.

The OP (original poster) was identified as Kevin Bruce Francisco, he captioned the video: “Decided to take a video of these two cause they just wouldn’t give way to one another. Ended up sideswiping each other multiple times and held back the line even longer.” He then ended the post with a witty hashtag “PinoyPride”.

As of this writing, the video has already garnered 5.2k likes and over 7k shares. Many netizens expressed their disgust over what happened. They even compared the scenario to other countries abroad in which both of them might have been fined if they did the same.

Watch the video below:

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