These Five Stuffs Your Girlfriend Secretly Love To Have a Loving And Passionate Relationship.

No one wants a relationship with no love. In order to feel love with each other, actions must be seen in order to feel the intimacy and passion.

However, most men are having a hard time decoding their girlfriend and how to make them happy.

It’s not really hard as long as you always reminded by these five things:

1) Touch always matter
As Ellie Goulding would say, touch her like you do. With just a tip of your finger, your girl can already feel love. Give her some hugging and caressing of her skin and she would feel that she really matters to you.

2) Count the small things
Big or small, it’s still an effort and ladies appreciate it A LOT! You don’t need to ask your friends to surprise her with an extravagant party or be her daily Superman. Just help her with fixing the plates and utter her favorite three words and her day is already on Cloud 9.


3) Saying I love you
As mentioned before, a simple I love you could already make her feel loved and passionate in a relationship. This might be only three words but it would mean a world to her. They want some assurance on your feelings

4) Introduce her to your friends
Most guys don’t want their girls to know their buddies but girls would really appreciate it if his friends know her. Or better, get her in the gang!

5) Don’t give up on them
Misunderstanding? Patience is running out? Just be loyal to your girl. She might get on your nerves but girls will be girls and they would always love you no matter what.