These Are The Deadly Signs Of Ovarian Cancer And Most Women Are Ignoring It!

People are aware that any type of cancer can be fatal. The most common types of cancer are breast, lung and skin cancer.

Ovarian cancer is terrifying. As of this moment, there are no way to detect early if a woman has this or not. It is tagged s the 4th most common cause of death related to cancer in women.

It was said to be the ‘silent killer’ because the earliest symptoms are being ignored by women.

Here are some of the symptoms:
– pressure and pain
– abdominal bloating
– feeling too full after having a meal
– difficulty in eating
– increase urge to urinate

There are some general symptoms as well such as:
– painful intercourse
– irregularities in the menstruation
– pain in the back
– constipation
– heartburn and indigestion
– fatigue

These symptoms could happen not only in ovarian cancer. It is better to visit a gynecologist if you see these signs.

Early detection increases the chances of surviving from ovarian cancer.