There’s A Petition Urging MTRCB To Take Action Against ‘Till I Met You’ Because of This Scene!

A lot of viewers of ABS-CBN’s hit show Till I Met You – especially the teens – got excited when Iris, played by Nadine Lustre, and Basti, played by James Reid, had their first love making at the backseat of a car.

But net everyone is happy about it.

A petition posted in is currently garnering signature for Movie And Television Review And Classification Board (MTRCB) to penalize the show for showing a “problematic” scene: a pre-marital simulated s3x scene between the two actors.

In the petition, they said the scene violated Section 2C of MTRCB’s 2004 Implementing Rules and Regulations where an SPG-rated TV show “must still fall within the parameters of existing Parental Guidance classification rating. However, to merit the issuance of an ‘SPG’ rating, the gravity of the material must, in the judgment of the board, be leaning towards the maximum allowable for Parental Guidance rating.


The petition also said the show violated three provisions under Section 2B or the criteria for PG-rated shows, namely:

– Theme – the scene is not suitable for viewers below 13 years old
– Nudity – occassional natural nudity but no sexual intercourse
– Sex – Sexual activity is implied but no detailes are shown

Currently, the petition has 924 signatures.

There's A Petition Urging MTRCB To Take Action Against 'Till I Met You' Because of This Scene!