There Is A Hidden Message In Toblerone Logo That Not Everyone Knows, Find Out What It Is!

Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food, and many people can agree that they do not know a lot who do not like chocolate.

It is always there to help us feel good in times of stress. It is a mood-enhancer and they can be good romantic gifts, too!

The only thing stopping people from eating chocolate is that it’s either they’re allergic to it, or because they think it makes them fat.

One of the world-leaders in chocolate production and distribution is Toblerone.
Now a household name. Toblerone’s iconic triangular shape is an all-time favorite across the world.

The name of the chocolate itself is a combination of the founder Theodor Tobler’s name and a type of nougat called torrone in Italian.


The logo, if you look closer, has an animal in the mountain shaped as a bear. This is no accident.
The logo refers to a bear hidden in the Matterhorn—a mountain in the Alps which straddles the Swiss-Italian border.

The bear serves as homage to the Swiss town where the famous chocolate was created. Bern is known as the “city of bears”, and its city mascot reflects just that.

Debuted in 1908, the first flagship bar to debut with a filling, upending the traditional model. (That same year, Hershey’s launched a milk chocolate bar with almonds.) Today, Lacey calls the Swiss treat “a juggernaut in terms of the global candy market” and filling is standard in bars like Almond Joy, Mounds and Three Musketeers.