The Philippines Is Hailed As The Richest Country In The World And THIS is the reason Why!

The Philippines has a lot of stunning views in the country. It is said to be one of the richest land with stunning beaches and landmarks.

The country is known to have a great tourism but do you know why the Philippines is said to be the ‘richest country in the world’?

This is because of the Deuterium which is a hydrogen water without oxygen which can only be taken from the deep trenches of the world.

The widest and longest trench flow which is filled with Deuterium is the trench of the Philippines.

The Deuterium deposit has a measure of 868 miles long and 52 miles on the widest point and 3 miles on the deepest point.

If you will take out the impurities of Deuterium, Lithium-Hydrogen Fuel can be produced at a low cost. This can affect the high petroleum costs and will boost the metal, chemical and food industries worldwide.

This is the reason why Philippines is the richest country in the world.