The Heroes Story: Take A Glimpse At The Soldier’s Way Of Life! This Is Heartbreaking!

A soldier’s duty to the country is invaluable, no salary hike or even retirement pay can ever equal the efforts of these heroes to continuously uphold the country’s protection. Dying for the country is one thing, Living their lives for the country is another and maybe far greater.

The life of the soldiers revolve around their duty to protect the country at the expense of theirs.

While we peacefully lie in our beds during the night knowing we are safe, thousands of soldiers spend their nights in the jungle with no assurance of what they might face the next day.

They spend their days trekking through the jungles and mountains, moving across rivers with their hole filled shoes that have slowly depreciated. They are forced to collect water from the rain as their drink in order to survive.


They leave their love ones, families in order to protect the greater good and assure them that they get to keep theirs and that may be among their greatest sacrifice yet.

Soldiers are payed, however this will never be an enough reason to invalidate their actions and efforts, their sacrifices for their countrymen.

This is in salute to the country’s great heroes to have not only died in battle but have lived through it as well! This is in gratitude for the soldiers who both have lived and died for the country.