The Doctor Advised Her to Keep Her Pregnancy A Secret as Her Baby Could Die But She Didn’t Expect The Next Thing That Happened!

Kate Lucan and her husband were very much excited when they heard the news in of their visits to the OB-GYN. The doctors said: “Let’s have a listen to the heartbeat and see if it’s just one!” After the ultrasound, the doctor smiled at them and held out two fingers, saying that there are two heartbeats, meaning that Kate was carrying twins in her belly. After the good news, the doctor immediately broke the celebration and announced the danger of the pregnancy. Both embryos had just separated, 8-13 days after insemination, which implies that they don’t have protective membrane yet. This would probably result into having conjoined twins. Other serious risks are also present in monochorionic twin pregnancy such as the umbilical cord possibly becoming life threatening dangers, with the increased chance for entanglement, strangulation or blockage. These gives them a 50% chance of survival.

But instead of helping them, the doctor suggested to just keep the pregnancy a secret and just let nature take its course! This immensely angered the couple and so they changed doctors right after. Kate had to spend 5 weeks in the hospital and have the babies delivered through Cesarean section. When they finally took out the babies, there was a complete silence in the room.

The two umbilical cords were completely interlocked just like a single hair braid! This is the suspected reason why the two children escaped the risks of umbilical cord blockage and entanglement. Amazing right? Although they were underweight as they were born earlier than 9 months, they didn’t need a ventilator or an incubator and were completely healthy. According to the doctors, had they waited a little longer, the entanglement would have caused the twins serious trouble.

Harper and Cleo is now 8 years old. With a 1% survival rate among these monochorionic pregnancies, they surely are a gift from God. They grew up to be the best of friends despite their opposite personality.



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