Teen Being Bashed as He Ordered His Gf To Abort Their Unborn Child

A teenage guy is currently under the heat after his last conversations with her ex-girlfriend about aborting his still-born has surfaced online.

Shena Borga who is 4 months pregnant of her BF’s child was so frustrated about how the latter wanted to handle the situation by insisting her to have an abortion to avoid it being discovered by his father who was a former Philippines Army official.

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He even mistakenly mentioned a certain medicine which he told Shena to drink in order to ‘erase’ the problem as soon as possible.¬†However, since Shena wanted to keep the baby, ¬†instead of following him, she uploaded the screenshots of their conversation on Facebook using her sister’s account.

The post immediately spreads like wildfire with 14,000 reactions and 4,000 comments from furious netizens who continuously share the conversation.

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