Teacher Punishes His Student For Always Being Late in Class Until He Saw This. HEARTBREAKING!

This video caused a major wildfire around the internet after making a lot of netizens emotional.

In the video, a student always comes late in his class. As a result, he always gets punished and gets two slaps of ruler on his hand everytime. Although the punishment is obviously hurting him, he never learns his lesson and still come in late the next day.

But one day, the teacher coincidentally saw his student while strolling. The student delivers newspaper around town, and this has been the reason why he’s always late in class. This ultimately broke his heart.

So the next day, when the student comes in the classroom, expecting the punishment, the teacher gave him a warm hug instead.


The video then ended with the lines: “There are hundred of children who wants to learn but lack due to financial problems.” This video mainly points out how we should be more understanding to people. They might be in circumstances far worse than us and need comfort rather than judgements.

The video garnered 36K likes and over 102,509 shares.

Watch the video below: