SMC Scandal Follows Pagadian Scandal video

SMC scandal video allegedly involved teenagers who are students of Southern Mindanao College in Pagadian city. The scandalous video circulates online after the viral Pagadian scandal was leaked last week.

Scandalous topics are quick to spread in our society especially now that we have a very influential social media that serves as an accessible channel to easily share any form of information.

In the last few days, Pagadian scandal earned the top spot on Facebook search queries but slowly it has been replaced by the newest trending topic brought about by the alleged SMC scandal video.

People from different age bracket are swarming Facebook groups and large famous pages in the Philippines hoping to find a copy of the SMC scandal video. Others were able to instantly obtain a copy of the said content by going to some adult websites where the clip has been uploaded.

What’s in the SMC scandal video?


Our resarch team and contributors to this website are very resourceful and were able to have a copy of the video. Our tipster did not use Facebook since the giant social networking service is now too fast to take down any material that violates their terms of service.

Anyways, the SMC scandal video can’t also be included in this article since it would violate our own policy and ethical guidelines of our website. However, we can provide you a brief summary of the content. Also, we’ve included a screengrab, with censored area, for you to have an idea on where the teenagers did the sexual encounter.

In the said video, a young boy and girl are seen explicitly having s3x inside their bathroom. They’ve tried several positions including the one seen in the screenshot.

The duration of the SMC scandal video is roughly 21 minutes. Though the school administration of Southern Mindanao College in Pagadian city has not issued any comment yet, a certain netizen bravely explained the video and argued that the involved teenagers are not enrolled in the said institution.