SINGLE PARENT? Did You Know That You Have Privileges Mandated By Law? READ HERE!

Raising kids is no joke. It involves instilling discipline, values formation, spending quality time, enhancing mental capacities, not to mention taking care of them day in, day out. But this is much much harder when you are a single parent!

But did you know that as a single mom or a single dad, you have certain privileges mandated by law? Republic Act 8972 is also known as the Solo Parents’ Welfare Act of 2000 and aims to provide privileges for all the single parents.

This act aims to provide assistance to those who will fall under the poverty threshold which was set by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and will be able to receive the following support from agencies:


-DOH: Health Services
-CHED, TESDA: Educational Services
-NHA: Housing
-DOLE, CSC: Parental Leave

Below are the requirements for application:
-barangay certificate residency
-proof of being a single parent (death certificate of spouse, declaration of nullity of marriage, medical certificate if incapacitated.

This should be a great help to all the single parents out there!