Shocking: Woman Committed Suicide Inside SM Megamall on Valentines Day

Disturbing photos of an ‘alleged’ suicide incident at SM Megamall began circulating the social media on Sunday as others celebrated Valentines Day.

The lifeless body of a ‘female’ according to wearing green t-shirt and khaki shorts sprawled face down on the mall’s tiled floor near an elevator, shocking shoppers at their feet.

The victim’s identity is still unknown, netizens who witnessed the gruesome incident has shared their own account of stories on Facebook. Jhayr Jacobe and his girlfriend were at the 3rd floor of the said establishment and they saw what the boy did before he falls to the ground floor.

According to him, the victim started to show his group how brave he was by sitting at the railings and shouted “Walang Forever.” Unfortunately, ‘she’ lost ‘her’ balance and plunged into ‘her’ death.