SHOCKING: This Old Woman Claims to Have A Snake Twin!

While many advancements in technology have been made in recent years, there are still a handful of things that can’t be explained by science. This story is one of those inexplicable mysteries.

Hailing from Macalelon, Quezon, Lola Conchita Encabo is known for her primitive yet effective remedies for animal bites, specifically snake bites.

Kapitan Epitacio Ayangco of Barangay Olongtao Ibaba, Macalelon, Quezon, shared one incident when Lola Conchita saved a dying resident who was bitten by a snake.

“Nakahulalo na, para nang patay. Pero nung dalhin nga kay Aling Conching at sinipsip niya yung kamandag ay nabuhay po. Kaya parang nagtataka sila na talagang may kapangyarihan o may bisa yung kaniyang panggagamot.” He shared.

The alleged reason for her healing abilities? She is believed to have a twin who is a snake.

According to Alicia, Lola Conchita’s daughter, when her mother was born in the year 1915, a snake was born with her.


“Pag labas daw na ganun, meron din daw inunan, kulay puti daw nung lumabas yan na ahas, white snake siya. Ipinatatapon daw po yun nung ina. Ay, hindi naman itinapon nung lolo ko at sabi ay alagaan nyo swerte yan,” she shared.

She also shared that she was in the 5th grade when she met her mother’s twin, Wanda.
“May pangil siya, tapos yung dila niya ganiyan, sanga-sanga din. Yung mata niya ay maganda kulay gray kaya kahit tumingin sayo di naman totally matatakot ka talaga. Siya ay nahihipo, mabait siya sa kapwa,” Alicia claimed.

However, when a typhoon struck the area, Wanda was washed away into the river and died.

Lola Conchita still looks out for other snakes, with the belief that some of them are Wanda’s sons and daughters.