SHOCKING: A Woman Had A ‘Period Explosion’ In The Middle Of The Street! You Won’t Believe What Happened When People Saw Her!

In response to 19-year-old Ryan Williams’ viral comment, which stated that women just can’t hold their periods in and “should be taxed and taxed again if feminists are going to keep being incontinent”, TrollStation posted a Youtube video prank of an elegantly dressed woman who appeared to be in search of a ‘luxury’ tampon in London’s Oxford Circus.

TrollStation recognize that periods are no joke with the video, conspiring with the woman who was actually actress Amina Maz. They faked a ‘period explosion’ bursting out with fake blood and screaming “I’m cramping up!” as strangers walked past her.

Maz also emphasized how men were lucky about not having to go through menstruation while she conducted her fake menstrual dilemma in front of the crowd.

“See, you men don’t have to go through this! You men are so lucky. You’re not like us women, we have to go through this every month,” she wailed.


As she unleashed her jaw-dropping situation, onlookers stood by to watch her. Some even laughed and made fun of the moment.

Only one, though, was humane and gullible enough to help Maz deal with her grisly blood bath.

This social experiment turned out to be more of a joke than to raise awareness for people. But fair enough, it’s still one leap forward.