Senator Leila De Lima Allegedly Paid The Witnesses For The Extra Judicial Killings Hearing? Must Read!

The senator Leila De Lima is being accused of protecting the big time druglords in the New Bilibid Prison and other drug personalities.

On the hearing of the extra-judicial killings, the people were confused of the answers that were heard from one of the witnesses named Hara of Pasay City who is under oath.

It appears that there are inaccurate informations that are being said. It is clear that the woman is lying. Senator Pacquaio has a better memory than Senator De Lima, the netizens said.

People are getting angry over De Lima for trying her best to cover up the ties that she has with the drug personalities.

However, we still need to wait for the proper trial to make sure that these people can pay for what they did to the country.

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