Secret Exploration from China Discovers Massive Mineral Deposit

Before South Korea and Japan interest to legally explore Philippine owned Benham Rise, leaked information was reported in China regarding their secret under-sea exploration in the said area.

In the year 2011, Philippines acquired Benham Rise, described as “massive” area east of Luzon.

The area description comes from Carlos David, new head of Philippine Council for Industry, Energy and Emerging Technology Research and Development known as the PCIEERD. “We have access to resources in an area bigger than Luzon, but we actually don’t know what we have.”

“There are lots of oceanography, biodiversity and lots of fisheries,”, citing data from pioneering work conducted by the scientists at Marine Science Institute at the University of the Philippines.


“Is there gold, cobalt, copper, sunken treasure? We don’t know,” but possibilities of valuable minerals are present there.

“It’s potentially rich in precious and base metals like manganese, some gold and so on, spreading from the center of the rise,” and “There is a very large area in mineral deposits.”

Philippines, Japan and Korea aired concern about China’s secret undersea exploration outside its own exclusive zone.