SAD STORY: Woman Passed Away In A Nursing Home And Left A Note To The Nurse That Made Everyone Burst In Tears

Nursing homes are for elderly people who are brought by their family.

Elderlies patiently and eagerly waits for their family to contact them. However, due to busy schedules, we lack some time to lend some for our grandparents.

Unfortunately, many elderly people has a bitter feeling.

They often feel lonely and disappointed because according to PubMed Central (PMC), it is “ a result of living alone or due to lack of close family ties and reduced with their culture of origin, which results in inability to actively participate in the community activities.”

This is about an elderly woman who lives in a nursing home which that staff sees her just like the other. Frail, grumpy old lady just waiting her last few moments of living.

After the woman passed away, the staff of the nursing home found something that made them burst into tears.


On the cabinet of the elderly woman, they saw a neatly folded paper with a poem written in it. The poem say:

The elderly woman, whom nurse think she’s old and grouchy, but deep down inside is a young girl who looks for someone to talk to and share her stories to.

So if you had a chance to encounter an old person, treat them nicely also with respect and dignity because you’ll never know what they are going through every day.