President Duterte’s Response to a Journalist Regarding The ‘Death Squad Issue’ Has Gained Praises Worldwide!

Even before he was elected as the 16th President of the Philippines, President Duterte has always been accused of being involved with the death squad in the Philippines.

Now, a UK journalist based on Asia named Mr. Miller bravely asked the President about the rumors saying that he released a death squad to end the criminals’ lives without any legal processes.

The journalist was speechless after President answered his question.

“Compare the number deaths of the drug personalities on my administration to the previous administration, and you will realize that the number of deaths are the same. It’s just that, those who were killed in the past were the innocent ones.” President Duterte told the journalist


In the interview, he also mentioned about the killings of black people in America, the bombing in Syria and even the iconic Syrian boy named Omran who survived the bombing in Aleppo Syria.

President Duterte’s response to the journalist left everyone praising him on social media saying that he deserves his position because he knows what he has to do with his country and what to do with the problems in the Philippines.