President Duterte Was Supported By The Newsman Graham Ledger On His Thoughts Of Leaving UN!

Graham Ledger, the host of ‘The Daily Ledger’ showed his support to the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte towards his statement threatening the UN that the country is looking at the possibility of leaving UN because of interrupting with his Anti-Illegal Drug Operations.

The news anchor strongly believes that the United States should join Duterte in leaving the United Nations.

“The United States should join him, it is high time, that our rational,civil constitutional republic put the world on notice, that the immoral, pro-dictator, pro-globalist, climate change embracing, anti-american agenda of the United Nations must end,” Ledger said in the ‘Final Thoughts’ segment of One America News.

The online community rejoiced upon seeing that there are international media who sees the true situation of the Philippines and what Duterte is doing for the country.

The video was uploaded by Maria Lilac Wilson on Facebook.

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