Plane Of Emirates Carrying 300 People On Board Tragically Crashed At The Dubai Airport!

Flight EK-521, an Emirates airline from Thiruvananthapuram, India reportedly crash-landed at the International Airport runway of Dubai on August 3 (Wednesday).

The said flight was carrying 300 people when the incident happened. There is still no valid confirmation as to what caused the crash, however a few reports noted that the retraction of the landing gear has failed, other reports claim that before the touch down of the plane, an engine fell out. No injuries were reported in the 282 passengers and 18 crew members on board, though the Boeng 777-300 hadn’t been saved fast enough.

“Emirates can confirm that an incident happened at Dubai International Airport on 3rd August 2016 at about 12:45pm local time,” the airline reported.

“Authorities at Dubai International Airport are dealing with the incident at the moment to ensure safety of all,” said a statement from the Dubai Media Office.

However, Passengers of other departing flights experienced a four-hour delay due to the incident, while incoming flights were diverted.

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