Pinoy doctors say dengue is even scarier that Zika virus

  • Filipino doctors say dengue is even scarier than Zika virus
  • Both virus are carried by mosquitoes but Zika has milder presentation
  • They say what makes Zika alarming are the complications that cause microcephaly

Amid the Zika virus scare and the outbreaks in Latin America, Filipino doctors disclosed that dengue — which has been a health concern in the Philippines for many years — is even scarier than Zika virus.

In an article that was published on the Manila Bulletin, it was disclosed that Dengue is a lot scarier than the globally-hyped Zika virus; based on statements of doctors from the Department of Health (DOH) and the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (PSMID).

“Sa kabutihang palad, bagamat kamag-anak siya ng dengue, based sa mga naunang obserbasyon natin, mas maganda ‘to kasi mas mild ýong mga sintomas na nararanasan ng mga pasyente ng Zika virus [Good thing, while dengue and Zika are quite related, based on previous observations, Zika carries mild symptoms],” said Dr. Arthur Dessi Roman of PSMID.


Dengue is characterized by sudden onset of high fever lasting from two to seven days, joint and muscle pain and pain behind the eyes, weakness, skin rashes, nose bleeding when fever starts to subside, abdominal pain, vomiting of coffee-colored matter, dark-colored stools, and difficulty in breathing; while Zika’s symptoms are fever lasting for two days, rashes, joint pain and conjunctivitis.

“In terms of severity, Zika and chikungunya (which is another mosquito-borne disease) are very mild,” Roman added.