Performance Artist Was Arrested By Authorities After Letting The Crowd Touch Her Breasts And Genitals!

A woman was captured because she lets people touch her private part. Milo Moire, a performer goes around Europe to promote her project ‘Mirror Box’ which she invites the public to put their hands on inside the mirror box for them to touch her private part and her chest.

She took this to Amsterdam and Dusseldorf to promote human rights on not to be touched. However, when she took the said promotion to London, she got arrested at Trafalgar Square.

In a public place is Dusseldorf where she stays and shows herself with a mirror box covering up her chest. In Amsterdam, she wore again a mirror box and allowing people 18 and above to touch her private part in 30 seconds. A passerby who saw Moire complained and that’s why she got arrested.

Moire said that authorities has already warned her that she was breaking the law before she got arrested.


She also mentioned that other countries are more open compared to London.