Parrot ‘Exposed’ Cheating Husband’s Affair With Housemaid To His Wife By Repeating Flirty Chitchat!

A man almost got himself imprisoned after his pet parrot revealed his affair with their housemaid.

Jen Mills wrote this article for the Metro, saying that the alleged affair of the man with his housemaid was exposed after the parrot repeated the flirty chats between the two to the man’s wife.

Reports said that the wife was already suspicious about her husband’s affair with their maid in their house in Kuwait. After the parrot started repeating chitchat between the two, the wife used it as evidence and went to the police.

Adultery is illegal and is punishable by jail time or even hard labor in the Gulf State. If the parrot had been used as evidence against the man, he would have been imprisoned. But authorities said that the pet couldn’t be used as evidence inside the court, since it can’t prove that the conversation it repeated was from the husband and the maid and not from a TV show.

Parrot 'exposed' cheating husband's affair with housemaid to his wife by repeating flirty chitchat!

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