Pagadian Scandal Video Leaked on the Internet, Victims Urge Public to Stop Sharing the Clip

Video of alleged Pagadian scandal has been uploaded on social media where many netizens are sharing the content to other websites. The controversial leaked video has been verified legitimate by the blogger’s community.

A short video featuring a group of four people is making the rounds online after curious netizens found the download link of the clip on Facebook. Copies of the spliced video are currently circulating on various websites.

In the said material, a short version runs for less than 10 seconds only and the full version is nearly 30 minutes in length.

There has been thousands of search queries on Facebook related to the hashtag #PagadianScandal after the blogging community published articles citing the authenticity of the clips.

One particular blog site mentioned that the involved parties include two bisexual, one female and male who performed sexual acts while the gays were recording the Pagadian scandal video.


There were no specific identities mentioned on social media, however, a certain post urges the public to stop sharing the video for the privacy of the victims.

In a separate blog report, the woman in the video allegedly issued a public apology for their immoral deeds.

The viral PagadianScandal video is not yet available on adult websites but we still manage to find segments of the said content online.

Online users have different reactions to the viral clip. Some are entertained since the woman in the video appeared so funny when she tried to resist the rough encounter with the man. At the latter part of the clip the female, however, looks satisfied and she seemed happy on what she did.