Pacquiao Challenges Drilon To A 3 Round Fight ‘If You Survive 3 Rounds, I’ll Answer Your Question’ Find Out Why!

Newby Senator Manny Pacquiao allegedly challenged Senate President Franklin Drilon to a three-rounder fight in jest in response to Drilon’s request for Pacquiao to answer a question.

According to reports, after Pacquiao commended silver medalist of the 2016 Olympics Hidlyn Diaz on his speech, the senate president asked Pacquiao if he may answer a few questions. Probably sensing the senator’s hesitation, Drilon reassured Pacquiao saying, “Bakit ayaw mo? Madali lang Manny. Isang question lang dali, katuwaan lang.”

However, boxing icon Pacquiao told Drilon he would only answer if Drilon could survive three rounds with him.


“I’m willing to yield if he can survive three rounds,” answered Pacquiao drawing laughter from the crowd.

Drilon later on revealed that he only wanted to ask Pacquiao if he could donate cash incentives for Diaz from his own pocket. Drilon earlier initiated a motion from the senate to donate cash incentives for the olympian medalist who brought home pride to the country.

“Our colleague Senator Pacquiao has also brought honor to our country. We also recognized Senator Pacquiao for his achievements in the field of boxing, apart from that, Senator Pacquiao has also been known for his generosity,” Drilon explained.