Online Petition to Impeach Senator Leila De Lima Starts!

The long running feud between Senator Leila De Lima and President Rodrigo Duterte have risen the notch one step higher. Supporters of the presidents have filed an online petition through to impeach the newly minted senator.

The petition has now garnered 3,899 signatures from netizens as of 7:35am of yesterday, July 12, 2016. Just a thousand more and they will be able to reach their target of 5,000 signatures.

A certain Joshua Jireh Cinco has started the petition which aims to overthrow the former DOJ Secretary and chair of Commission on Human Rights.

It can be recalled that De Lima have been very vocal in her criticisms with the current administration.


One of the netizens who probably signed the petition wrote in the comment section “She’s creating so much mess in this country. She’s not protecting the lives of the masses rather she’s always protecting the rights of the criminals instead of the victims. She’s not a leader instead she’s always misleading the true direction of our country”.

Another netizen named Abner Fediripe also defends the petitions saying “She’s a disgrace to senate and druglord protector. She let them cook and prepare drugs inside the prison”.

Unfortunately, according to the Rules of Procedure in Impeachment Proceedings, impeachment only applies to the President, Vice-President, Members of the Supreme Court, Members of the Constitutional Commissions and the Ombudsman, and does not include senators.2

You can view the petition at