Newest Internet Goddess: Netizens Could Not Get Enough Of Richard And Lucy’s Daughter Who Just Turned 16!

Richard and Lucy’s Unica Hija Juliana has just turned 16 years old! The celebrity couple shared their celebration as a family in their Instagram accounts and netizens noted how Juliana has blossomed throughout the years, getting the resemblance of her good looking parents.

Torres, which has ben notable closer to Juliana, posted a heartwarming message for Juliana and says:

“You are, in every way, a gift from above, our most wonderful answered prayer. Know that Daddy and I love you very much always, to the moon and back, and beyond,”

“Continue to make me and Dad laugh endlessly. If only everybody knew how hilarious you are. When I am all of 85 years old or more, wrinkled, forgetful maybe, with little aches and pains here and there, may I remember ever so warmly and happily all those moments we laughed uncontrollably, until we were almost breathless, and always because of something you said, or did.”


‘Life is beautiful, my love, and the world is all yours for the taking. May all your dreams come true, in accordance with God’s beautiful plan and time. Cheers on your birthday, and to many, many, many more to come! May today be but the start of the very best years of a life wonderful and blessed,”

Meanwhile, his dad, Richard Gomez, also posted a picture of them three with a simple but meaningful caption saying: “Happy birthday my lovely Juliana! Mommy and I wish you a healthy and a happy 16th bday! I love you!!!”