Netizens Disappointed With These Two Nurses Who Were Chilling on Duty During An Emergency. LOOK HERE!

Nobody wishes for medical emergencies. It can be very depressing and causes anxiety and panic. That is why, netizens can’t help but get angry with this viral post in which 2 nurses are caught freeloading despite the emergency patient who requires immediate medical assistance.

The patient appears to be bloody and so his father called the attention of the nurses around. However, all the nurses are occupied in assisting other patients. Well, except for these two nurses who were caught texting and chilling. When they learned about the emergencies, they just stared at the patient.

Many netizens believe that they shouldn’t do such acts while on their uniforms. Since their roles are very important as it is about human lives, netizens claimed that they should show attentiveness and dedication to their jobs.

How about you? What do you think?



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