Motorist who murdered a traffic enforcer in QC due to illegal parking ticket sparks outrage on FB

A post condemning the cold-blood murder of a traffic enforcer who was merely fulfilling his duty is making the rounds online.

Journalist James Deakin enlisted the help of netizens in the hope of quickly identifying and arresting the motorist who shot a traffic enforcer dead in broad daylight in Barangay Silangan, Ermin Garcia, Quezon City recently.

He writes a nice caption on his FB post to elicit a good response from his followers that reads:

The height of lawlessness. There’s a special place in hell for this guy, right next to Vhon Tanto and Jason Ivler. Condolences to the family of the parking enforcer who was only doing his job. Talk about damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

Mr. Deakin made a follow-up post in regards to the matter that reads:

If anyone knows anything about the whereabouts of the driver of a dark colored Honda Civic with this plate, please contact this number immediately. The pathetic coward gunned down a traffic enforcer in broad daylight and needs to face the wrath of a nation that is totally fed up with this lawlessness. This plate and telephone number was released by the QCPD. It’s a screen grab from the news report. Please share this. The more it gets out there, the less places to hide.

According to the ABS-CBN report, the motorist got angry after the traffic enforcer identified as Ernesto Paras Jr. confiscated his plate number for double parking.

The incident started when the motorist parked his car by the roadside and left with a companion. Traffic enforcer Ernesto Paras Jr. arrived shortly and noticed the parking violation.

First, he asked the other motorist parked ahead to leave. Then, turned his attention to the next car.

When he found out that the driver was not around, he tried locating it. But when he can’t, he decided to remove the plate number, then left a piece of paper on the parked car.

Shortly, the driver of the illegally parked arrived and appeared to talk his way out of the parking violation but the traffic enforcer ignored the pleas of the motorist.

In the next sequence, the car driver can no longer be seen in the video. Instead, two guys emerged and tried to talk to the traffic enforcer on behalf of the car driver and once again, the traffic enforcer stood his ground.

In another angle of the CCTV video, the motorist can be seen walking away from traffic enforcer Paras and took something from the car.

This is when the motorist returned to confront the traffic enforcer and fired his gun at close range. The traffic enforcer managed to run a short distance but the determined motorist gave him a chase and fired a shot at close range, hitting the traffic enforcer with fatal shots.


The motorist ran towards his car and drove away. Not done yet, the motorist ran over the shooting victim and quickly left at the crime scene.

But like many other crimes, there is no such thing as a perfect crime as left behind his plate number in haste, thus giving the police an instant lead of his identity.

The car’s plate number (ZNH 231) is shown by the police on national TV, in an attempt to jumpstart the hunt for the motorist murderer with the help of the general public who might have known the identity of the murderer of the traffic enforcer.

Let us check out comments of angry netizens who’ve watched the video of the murder.

Bong Borbe says:

How dumb can that shooter be? The guy has his plate, there could be CCTVs in the area. What on earth could have triggered this? A heated oral confrontation? Was he on something? Or is there any contraband in the vehicle? Simply put the shooter is just dumb. Chances are he’ll be labeled as “nang-laban” sooner or later.

Monch Gupit says:

I wonder if he will resist arrest or try to go for the gun of the arresting officer.

Martin Cruz says:

I hope this coward fights back when he’s arrested — if you know what I mean.

Allan Maristela says:

I’ll bet that animal is not even a licensed gun owner.?