Mother Decided To Marry Her 23-Year-Old Son After Getting Pregnant With Him! SHOCKING!

A one of a kind story has made the rounds over the social media sites. It is the story of a mother who is already 40-years-old who decided to marry her 23-year-old son who impr*gnated her.
The mother is named Betty Mbereko and her son is Farai. They are both living in Mwenezi located inMasvingo, Zimbabwe.

According to the reports, the husband of Betty already passed away that is why she is the only one who sent her son to gain the best education that he could.

She claims that she is the only one who is entitled to marry him because no other woman should benefit from his salary and money.


Betty was charged in a village court because of inc*st. Farai on the other hand was excited to marry his mother because it was a vow that he promised that he would pay for the debt of his father who passed away.

They are both then kicked out of the village because of their situation. The baby that is bound to be born would be the child and grandchild of Betty while it is the child and sibling of Farai.